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Directory of Australian Builders
Directory of Australian Builders

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When you purchase a CD with the latest information from the Directory of Australian Builders, Residential & Commercial you will receive a Gift Certificate for $500 worth of free copywriting advice and assistance.

We want you to maximise the benefit of your new database and get the best possible results from your direct marketing program. We are professional copywriters and we can help you turn your ideas into a letter or email that will attract attention and generate interest when you are promoting your business or service to Residential and Commercial Builders.

Want to do a blast email but don't know how?

For a low cost email blast with your choice from three templates or a full custom designed email or template we can refer you to Markus at Dilectite Pty Limited. Markus offers special rates to our clients.

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"Just a quick note to express how amazing and invaluable your Builders Directory has proven to be for us. Absolutely brilliant work and worth every penny. We're sincerely thankful for your hard work creating the directory and your awesome friendly service! We've only had the directory 24 hours and in that time we've made contact with a number of builders directly and have picked up several new clients."

Gordon Sharplins | Energyworx

"I’ve asked around and I’ve been told yours is the best"

Scott Thompson -

Meet the publisher

Eral originally developed the database of Architect firms then later added the database of Australian Builders – selecting medium and large firms who build new constructions and a minimum of 3 new homes per year.

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