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Directory of Australian Builders
Directory of Australian Builders

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Need reassurance before you buy? Here are our FAQs:

How accurate is the database?

We are the only company in this field to phone every firm every year to check their details. If we can’t reach them then we don’t list them.

Can you send me a sample of the database?

Yes. Give us a call on 02 9411 4819 and we’ll email you sample files.

Where do you get your names from?

We’ve been doing this for 20 years now so we know how to datamine and find information but our golden rule is that we never list a firm unless we have called them first.

What is your guarantee?

We can’t stop firms moving during the year but if you get any returns on your mailings we guarantee to find out their new address for you.

How many firms on the database?

Call us on 02 9411 4819 and we’ll send you a table showing numbers by state (metro and rural) with associated email numbers. We list all firms that meet the criteria: Must build new and must build a minimum of 3 new homes per year.

What will the $500 gift certificate give me?

You know your product well. We know how to write attention-getting copy. We work together to produce a simple but persuasive email or letter that won’t trip spam counts.

Does direct mail still work?

Everyone loves email because it is inexpensive but direct mail is worth the extra for the results it delivers and your marketing works best when you use both. Australian Post is currently offering a new service called that helps you build special one-off mini-websites to link with your direct mail offer.

Can you send out my email for me?

We can put you in touch with an email bureau who can handle design and/or sending out your email with special rates for our clients. If you want phone follow up we have an associated company who can do that for you too.

Any other questions? Give us a call on 02 9411 4819

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"Just a quick note to express how amazing and invaluable your Builders Directory has proven to be for us. Absolutely brilliant work and worth every penny. We're sincerely thankful for your hard work creating the directory and your awesome friendly service! We've only had the directory 24 hours and in that time we've made contact with a number of builders directly and have picked up several new clients."

Gordon Sharplins | Energyworx

"I’ve asked around and I’ve been told yours is the best"

Scott Thompson -

Meet the publisher

Eral originally developed the database of Architect firms then later added the database of Australian Builders – selecting medium and large firms who build new constructions and a minimum of 3 new homes per year.

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